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Just wanted to let everyone know that we have two great things going on in the world of PhoenixPost!

first, we are on ITunes! check us out by going to our website (phoenixpodcast.net) and clicking on the ITunes button on the left. Its so easy!

second....check out our new message boards on the website...join in on the fun!

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Thoughts for the week: Episode one has been released! check it out on Phoenixpodcast.net until we get a chance to load it on itunes! we are having a great time, and urge you all to contact us via e mail or skype to be on the show!
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Well...looks like PhoenixPost is getting a good start. Last night, we recorded episode zero, with aim of releasing it sometime in the next few days! we also have a few new things set up for you all so you can contact us easily....

as you know we have a myspace, visit us there at myspace.com/phoenixpodcast
dont forget to visit the officiall PhoenixPost Website at www.phoenixpodcast.net

Some things to look forward to in episode Zero: First we will introduce ourselves, and tell you what we are all about. We will also talk about next weeks theme...Finding Out about the wizarding world.

Since its our first episode, we figured that we would start from the beginning of the series as well, when Harry finds out he is a wizard, how he reacts, as well as others. Therefore, our listener question this week is: What would you do if you recieved a Hogwarts letter?

we really value your feedback, and hope that you can take the time to ask us your questions and leave us your comments!
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I'm new here. I just wanted to post up my all time favorite thing about the Dark Arts and what will be my first tattoo where its located on Death Eaters.

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hey all new members! thanks for joining!

just a few things...

We would LOVE to hear your comments/suggestions etc. for the show...since we are just starting out, anything is very helpful. The cast of the PhoenixPost is dedicated to providing you fans with accurate information, educated theories and ideas, and most importantly a quality podcast

as of right now, we are looking for all you great icon makers to make us some graphics and icons for the myspace, livejournal and logos in general, if anyone could do that it would be great!

stay tuned folks...we should be hitting itunes sometime in the next few weeks as soon as we get everything set up!
in the mean time...visit our myspace  or our official website

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PhoenixPost isn't even a week old, and we are already busy with work getting things together for the first episode, with our aim of releasing it sometime in the next two weeks. Sit tight with us as we get our website and myspace up and running, and stay tuned for episode 1! AV_layouts
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